Prayers for Redeemer

On this last day of 2017, which is also my next-to-last Sunday here with you, I want to say thank you for these fifteen months of ministry together. It’s been a true joy for me and it feels like it’s been a real good match. One of my youth minister colleagues said she felt like […]

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The Episcopal Namaste

One of the first things I picked up from the Episcopal Church was saying “The Lord be with you,” a call-and-response practice mostly unknown to the evangelical communities within which I grew up. I love this salutation and have come to appreciate all of its variations. Although we, like most Episcopalians respond to the “Lord […]

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The Soft Animal Sermon

  I’d like to begin this sermon with a poem from a book I received this week from the president of the Redeemer Preschool board, Kristin Maguire. It’s a collection of poems by an Episcopal poet named Mary Oliver and the poem is called “Wild Geese.” We have actually been singing an abridged version of […]

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The Beatitudes of Baptism

  “Lord, give us inquiring and discerning hearts, the courage to will and persevere, a spirit to know and love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works.” Amen.   In Thornton Wilder’s famous play Our Town, one of the main characters Emily Webb dies and enters an afterlife in which dead […]

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The Name Above All Names

Eight weeks ago, we began our journey through the book of Exodus, which recounts the dramatic story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt, their subsequent journeys through the wilderness and the establishment of a covenant with their God rooted in the Torah. Throughout this journey, we have been attending to the names in […]

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