The Rev. Dr. Daniel DeForest London A.H.C.*

Thomas Merton once said that he felt like he was a true Jew under his Catholic skin. Sometimes I feel like a true Bujew (Buddhist Jew) under my Episcopal skin: an Episcobujew, if you will. My father is a Messianic Jew and I was raised observing both Jewish and Christian holy days. And over the years, I have practiced Buddhist mindfulness (a la Thich Nhat Hanh and Jack Kornfield). However, my ultimate allegiance lies with a Jewish Mystic of first century Palestine, of whom I am a devotee and disciple within the Anglican-Episcopal tradition.

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*A.H.C. stands for Associate of the Holy Cross

11 Responses to About

  1. Rob Ham says:

    Hey Danny Wannie! I didn’t even know you had a blog till today! Looks sweet man. Have a great day dude!

  2. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    Hello! I’m Jessica’s mother.We met at the Indian restaurant in Berkeley end of Jan. I just stumbled onto your blog, etc. So great! You remind me a lot of my erstwhile friend Barbara Carlson who is now an artist living with an artist in Ottawa, but she’s a Swedish Baptist (lapsed). Well, all the best!

  3. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    Regarding your June writing: I love Judiasm, but I don’t understand why contemporary Jews do not accept Jesus as Messiah when so many Jews did in the early days. S.

    • deforestlondon says:

      Sharon, thanks for your comment. My dad is an example of a contemporary Jew who accepts Jesus as the Messiah. The issue is that once a Jew accepts Jesus as the Messiah, the Jewish community (Orthodox, Conservative, and most Reformed) no longer accept him or her as religiously Jewish, but as Christian. For many, this is cultural suicide. My grandfather almost accepted Jesus as the Jewish messiah, but his rabbi told him that Jesus is for the Christians and not for the Jews. In many ways, he would have to give up his Jewish identity by accepting Jesus.
      Some Jews try to maintain their Jewish identity while accepting Jesus as their messiah (Messianic Jews), but they are a minority and mostly frowned upon by both Jews and Christians.

  4. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    Daniel, what you say here is corroborated by what my friend Vera K. Fast (who wrote the books on the Sunday School Caravan Mission and Monica Storrs) has written in her 2011 book on the Kindertransport, that Non-Aryan Christians in WWII were looked upon with suspicion by both Jewish and Christian groups! So here were these children of mixed Christian and Jewish family sent out of Germany to England, then evacuated out of London if they were being housed in London and on top of all that, not being accepted because of their mixed religious and ethnic heritage! S.

  5. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    Looking forward to your next Ember Letter.

  6. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    For anxiety, it might help to sing these words of Sta Teresa de Avila (It’s a Taize hymn as well):
    Nada te turbe,
    Nada te espeante,
    Quien a Dios tiene, nada le falta.
    Nada te turbe,
    Nada te espante,
    Solo Dios basta.

  7. deforestlondon says:

    Yes, Taize chants certainly are stress-reducing. I used to sing this one at St. Alban’s. Thanks so much for this.

  8. Sharon Obuchon-Staub says:

    See my comment on “Shining Like the Sun,” note 3.

  9. Matt London says:

    Hey Dan,
    Is there a significance of the car falling in the sky in the left top corner of the picture @ top of page?

    Brohonicus Maximus

    • deforestlondon says:

      I have a lot of dreams of cars and driving, sometimes out of control. I wanted to represent that part of my unconscious in this image.

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