Ember Letter: Lent 2012

Dear Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno, I hope this Ember letter finds you well during this season of Lent. I have been trying to prepare my heart and soul for the celebration of the resurrection by fasting once a week and feasting on the words of Anglo-Catholic author Evelyn Underhill.[1] I have been thinking a […]

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Beholding the Lamb in the Eucharist

This is a concluding reflection for the class “Beholding the Lamb” (John 1:29-39), part of the Lenten series “Beholding the Lamb, Being Held by the Shepherd: Exploring the Question of Suffering in the Gospel of John” taught at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church on Sunday February 26, 2012. When we understand that Christ enters into our […]

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From Bashful to Bold

This is a draft of a paper to be presented at the Engaging Particularities Conference (“Engaging Particularities X: New Directions in Comparative Theology, Theology of Religions, Interreligious Dialogue, and Missiology”) at Boston College on April 1, 2012. Rabbi Norman Lamm, the current president of Yeshiva University in New York, tells of a time when he […]

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