Christmas with Chödrön XII

Chödrön: “We all have the inborn wisdom to create a wholesome, uplifted existence for ourselves and others. We can think beyond our little cocoon and try to help this troubled world. Not only will our friends and family benefit, but even our ‘enemies’ will reap the blessings of peace…If these teachings make sense to us, can we commit to them? In these times, do we really have a choice? Do we have the option of living in unconscious self-absorption? When the stakes are so high, do we have the luxury of dragging our feet?” (Selection 108: No Time to Lose, 360)

The imago Dei or the “bodhichitta” dwells within. And we can tap into this source by being kind to ourselves…by moving beyond dualistic thinking…by accepting the sadness of our self-hate in order to start practicing self-love…by allowing the Voice of Love to rule our hearts… by accepting our highs along with our lows as gifts from God and as invitations to wake up…by learning to love and accept the enemy within…by letting go of unkindness towards ourselves…by recognizing our interrupting “guests” as Christ…by allowing defeat and humiliation to diminish our ego and false-self…by recognizing our perfect teacher as the present moment…by thoroughly enjoying and delighting in the strawberry…


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