Christmas with Chödrön IV

This Christmas, a friend gave me The Pocket Pema Chödrön, which includes 108 brief insights from the books of the beloved Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön. I’m committing to blog on Chödrön’s wisdom for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Because the number 108 held such energy for me, I have decided to limit my reflections and comments to 108 words, which is really not very much at all! But it will be a good Christmas challenge. Since God was able to limit the Infinite to one tiny baby, I can at least try to limit my ramblings to 108 words…

Chödrön: “Remind yourself, in whatever way is personally meaningful, that it is not in your best interest to reinforce thoughts and feelings of unworthiness. Even if you’ve already taken the bait and feel the familiar pull of self-denigration, marshal your intelligence, courage, and humor in order to turn the tide. Ask yourself: Do I want to strengthen what I’m feeling now? Do I want to cut myself off from my basic goodness? Remind yourself that your fundamental nature is unconditionally open and free” (Selection 30: No Time to Lose, 236)

Perhaps the Kingdom of God is the realm in which the Voice of Love reigns, dominating and overwhelming all other voices, silencing all “thoughts and feelings of unworthiness” and opening us up to our “basic goodness” and our “fundamental nature.” When this Voice of Love reigns in the realm of our hearts, then we are “unconditionally open and free.” Every moment, the Voice of Love invites us to be ruled by its power, saying, “I believe in you and I empower you to believe in yourself. I love you and inspire you to love. I see sacred beauty and heavenly potential in you. I see myself in you.”


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