Ember Letter: Advent 2010

Dear Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno,

Joyfully, I write this Ember Letter to you in hope that it finds you well as the Advent season makes way for Christmas.

I am especially joyful to be writing this Ember Letter to you as a Postulant of the LA Diocese. I have felt this process of discernment mold me and refine me in some exciting and challenging ways and look forward to moving deeper into the process in order to be shaped even more into the person that Christ wants me to be and into the priest that the LA Diocese can really use.

A few weeks ago, I said goodbye to the wonderful parishioners at St. Alban’s in Albany CA, where I participated in a Ministry Study Year. On my last Sunday, I preached a sermon on how raccoons and the Sufi Mystic poet Rumi help prepare me for Advent and for the next steps in my process.[1]

I was so enriched by my experience at St. Alban’s as it created a safe space for me to grow and discover new gifts in ministry. Whether it was in leading worship through Taize chant, teaching future confirmands about the history of the church, telling stories to Godly Play children, leading a field trip to Grace Cathedral, preaching the Gospel to a receptive congregation, or serving the wine made holy to the spiritually thirsty, I felt Christ at work in my heart and in the hearts of those around me.

I am sincerely thankful to you for encouraging me to participate in the Ministry Study Year under the wise tutelage of Rev. Julie Wakelee-Lynch, from whom I will continue to seek wisdom and guidance. And speaking of wise mentors, my intentional community recently extended hospitality to Rev. Won-Jae Hur, who stayed with us for a couple weeks, blessing us with his kindness and friendship. And in that same vein, I recently received a Fellowship Award from the GTU in order to co-teach a class with another wise mentor, Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, at CDSP about Jewish-Christian relations.

After successfully completing my Introduction to Homiletics course with Dr. Linda Clader, I now look forward to fulfilling the other requirements needed in order to earn my Certificate of Anglican Studies. I have also been visiting a variety of different Episcopal churches in the Bay Area, discerning where I will do my Field Placement.

I continue to hold you, Father Michael Battle, and the Church of Our Saviour parish affectionately in my thoughts and prayers.

In Christ’s Love,

Daniel London

[1] You can read my sermon on Rumi and raccoons as well as other sermons that I have preached on my blog at https://deforestlondon.wordpress.com


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