How Jesus Responds to Theodicy

A Good Friday Homily Mark 15 This homily was preached in the Rev. Dr. Linda Clader’s Homiletics course at Church Divinity School of the Pacific in the Fall 0f 2010 There’s a story of a group of Jews in Auschwitz who gathered together one day to put God on trial. Their charge against God was cruelty and betrayal […]

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The Empathy of a Sissy

Readings for the Feast Day of St. Francis Galatians 6:14-18 Psalm 148:7-14 Matthew 11:25-30 This sermon was preached at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church on Sunday October 4, 2010. There was a discussion in a First Grade religion class focused on St. Francis of Assisi. After school, a First Grader came home very excited about what […]

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