XXIII Post Script

I just learned that death interrupted Brittany Murphy’s life on December 20th. My friends, whose apartment I’m house-sitting, have a DVD of one of her films: Girl, Interrupted. So I watched it.

Ironically, Brittany plays a character whose tragic death acts as the catalyst for the protagonist’s transformation. The transformation was a movement out of an “already dead” life (personified by Angelina Jolie’s character) into a more authentic and full life.

I don’t know if someone has to die in order for the rest of us to value life more, as Virginia Woolf claims, but death certainly does have a way of shaking and waking us up to relish every moment of our fragile lives.

“The present time is invaluable; behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” Kempis

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